The VanTastic 4 

So our 10 year goal, bit ambitious but who knows. We will shortly be uploading some pictures of some vans we may convert into campervans, ultimately we will have between 5 and 7 on the fleet, but what were going to do is leave it up to you guys to vote on which ones to convert.

first up, 

The A Team.jpg

A VanTastic A Team Inspired Camper.  Not sure if ill stick with a VW as there's some great Fords out there

A VanTastic Mystery Machine most definitely 

ghost busters concept.jpg
Scooby doo.jpg

A VanTastic Ghostbusters inspired Campervan, will be fun designing this one

A VanTastic Dukes of Hazard, a VW maybe a ford but definitely a loud bright orange camper

dukes concept.jpg

Vote For Your Top

Four 3 Chatsworth Row Caburn Heights

Crawley Southgate RH11 8RT


VanTastic A-Team

VanTastic Ghost Busters

VanTastic Mystery Machine

VanTastic D.o.H.

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